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Nihon Dokan supports your life with joy and happiness through Taoism,
to maintain good health in mind and body, to lead you to your bright future.


Taoism is the way of living, with no confliction, following the flow of ki.

In ancient time, human beings were in harmony with nature,
feeling and reading ki that exists around them.

Human beings were able to feel ki, as wild animals do.
They knew the seasons' transition by the color of the sky and the changes of the wind.
Their lives follow the flow of nature world.

They wish for faster, richer and more convenient life.
As they actualized their desire, it has been accelerated to become the ultimate desire.

They cut down the mountains, reclaim land from sea, dam up rivers, build towns, lay railroads, and conduct various productive activities.
Now we are facing to the natural threats that are caused by their own excessive destruction
of nature and realizing with fear what we have done.

Our health is not out of reach of such danger.

It was natural behavior of human's body to wake up when the sun rise, and rest when the sun set.
It became very difficult to follow this natural cycle in this whirl of modern life.

In such life, full of stress and pressure, human's natural capacity of heal and vital energy are weakened and crying for help.

Nihon Dokan provides you three ki training based on Taoism to restore your natural health in mind and body.

You can choose any of these three.
Our trained staff will help you design your own program to meet your condition and interest.

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Nihon Dokan International

Cosmo-Sangubashi Building, 2F 4-1-5 Yoyogi,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan
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TEL: 03(3370)7601 / FAX: 03(3370)7834

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Nihon Dokan International

Cosmo-Sangubashi Building,
2F 4-1-5 Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

TEL: 03(3370)7601
FAX: 03(3370)7834
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