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2. Doin-jutsu

Doin-jutsu is the exercises to refine your body.

Doin (Dao-yin) is the health method that originated in ancient China and matured over five thousand years.
Ancient people observed wild animal behaviors, and learned that they can protect themselves by miming them.
They found miming was not onl y useful for protection from wild animals, but also good for maintaining human health conditions.
Doin was structured on these experiments by countless people over centuries.

Doin is a series of exercises involving body movement and breathing. This accelerates the flow of ki (qi, chi) in your body to improve your health. When your health condition becomes Mui-Shizen condition, your ki flow synchronizes to the ki in the universe.
Doin is not merely a health maintenance method.
It is a practical philosophy of Taoism that will harmonize humans with the universe.

You will know there is something that keeps you alive regardless of your intension. Then you know you can live a Mui-Shizen life, with no fears, no pains, and no illness. A bright, rich life will be yours.

Doin-jutsu exercises are simple and easy to learn. As soon as you start Doin-jutsu, you will notice your ki-flow improves. You will feel good when your ki-flow is smooth. When you feel good and your body is relaxed, your heart will lighten.
We believe that by improving your physical ki-flow, the knots in your mind will unravel.
Doin-jutsu is the way to solve mind problems by changing your body.

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Nihon Dokan International

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2F 4-1-5 Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

TEL: 03(3370)7601
FAX: 03(3370)7834
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