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Do-in Jutsu, Doko Jutsu, and Senshin Jutsu

Do-in Jutsu, Doko Jutsu, and Senshin Jutsu: three Taoist's exercises The Nihon Dokan Way of Life

Taoists are people who practice the 'do nothing and nothing will be left undone' philosophy espoused by Lao Tzu. Doing nothing and being natural means to live in accordance with the law of the universe and the path of nature. It is the most reasonable and the best way to live for humans. If you can live in this way, you will have no worries and stay healthy. Your life will be full of joy and you will stay young and healthy for the rest of your natural life.

Why do people worry and suffer?

Life is full of fun. If you want to eat something, you eat it, if you want to see something, you see it, and if you want to do something, you do it. Freely enjoying the moment and the place. Animals in the wild live like that. Why can't people achieve what animals do naturally? You can be released from worry, hatred and illness, and you can take greater enjoyment from life if you can change the way you live.
It is said that man is the lord of all spirits, the head of all creation, and a superior being with mysterious power. If humans really are at the pinnacle of creation and have such special powers, we should be able to manipulate the world and our lives as we wish. But the opposite is usually true. Work is uninteresting, human relationships cause worries, there is family discord, bad luck, complaining, dissatisfaction, grumbling, sickness, disparity...and pain continues. But not only your day-to-day life is threatened. Humans have continually destroyed the global environment for the sake of civilization, to the point where the survival of humanity is in doubt.

Life becomes enjoyable if you let go of your ego.

How can you get rid of worries and suffering and make your life more fruitful and enjoyable?
The answer is to follow the cosmic flow to live naturally without restraint. Worries and suffering are caused by clinging to one's self, one's ego. Tenaciously holding onto morals, religions, studies, wealth, status and honor causes clinging to ego. Many people live with obsessions such as the need for success, a fear that they won't be recognized if they don't have an education, a fear that they will be laughed at, a fear that they are ugly so they can't meet a good mate, and so on.
Taoism does not deny these human desires. They are part of human nature and humans won't progress if they lose interest in seeking such things. The problem is how to manage them. Taoists don't insist that money is impure or that a person will not be saved unless they offer everything to a God. You can make profits and will be better off if you are educated. Even if you want to save someone, it is sometimes impossible because you don't have the money. You know the world will be better if you have some education rather than if you don't. The point is that you are suffocated when you forget to release yourself and cling to such beliefs. Taoism calls this kind of abnormal tenacity clinging to ego', or GASHYU.

Learn by observing babies and wild animals.

As long as you cling to your ego, you will not be satisfied no matter what you do. In the end, you will pass responsibility to something else and be disappointed in your destiny. This is a typical attitude of many people these days.
Look at babies and wild animals. If you give a baby a new toy, its interest moves to it and doesn't cling to the one it was playing with before. They don't monopolize both toys. Adults, on the other hand, try to have everything, expand their desire, forgetting to let go. Carnivores such as lions and tigers give up when they find they can't catch fleeing prey. They stop eating when they are full and the leftovers become meals for hyenas and vultures. What's left returns to the earth.
As well, carnivores with young usually give them the internal organs containing important nutrients for growth and they don't spoil children by letting them eat meat.
Wild animals usually never get sick until they die. If they avoid natural disasters or accidents, they live out their natural lives. Intuitively and of their own will they go to a place for dying and return to the nature as a fallen tree goes back to the earth. Animals began to suffer sickness after being domesticated by humans.

You can change your life if you can let go of everything at will.

If you cling to your ego and go against the flow of universe, the path will not unfold as it should. The energy flow or spiritual energy of the universe is referred to as KI in Japanese; air is KUKI, a condition of well-being , GENKI, vitality, KIRYOKU, great mental power, KIHAKU; while other terms such KIAI are related to KI energy. KI is the source of life and a decline of KI means death.
The troubles of the mind and the illnesses of the body are caused by attachment to the ego. Acts of clinging to the ego accumulate in our minds without our recognition. They block the flow of KI, and becomes the seed of worry and the cause of illness. When you are upset about misfortune or become sick, you simply reobserve your life and release yourself from the clinging ego.
You can find your true self both physically and mentally if you can break this attachment. You will discover that your spirit and body are inseparable. You will see the landscape around you and the faces of the people you deal with in a different light. The impossible becomes possible, you can regain true enjoyment of life and everything will go smoothly. Taoists say, 'heal the illness of the Body with the Mind and heal the illness of Mind with the Body'. It is the Taoist way of life. You can change your life if you can let everything go at will. Your destiny determines your nationality and gender. You can't change your destiny, but you can change your fate by letting go of your attachment to the ego. You can leave your unfortunate life behind and become joyful. Only you can make decisions for your life. The person capable of doing so is a Taoist. There is always a reason for bad results or illnesses; It is within yourself. Release your clinging to ego and let yourself be natural, you will not be afraid of anything and the path will unfold naturally. When you discover yourself being caught by nothing, you will find your old self appears ugly and you will find a new path opening up in front of you.

Three exercises to draw out your primal vitality.

It is said that it is difficult to stop clinging to the ego. People often think that enlightenment can only be achieved through penance as holy men or through priests of high virtue. Taoists thinks differentiy. It is strange that you have to go through more pain to drop pain.
Originally humans did not cling to their egos. They are born from nothing and return to nothing. The life of humanity is a mere blink of an eye in the vast stream of the universe. No matter how much civilization develops, no one can change that stream. It is easy if you realize it. You acquired the habit of clinging to the ego, therefore you can also drop it.
Taoists call it 'no clinging to ego', 'no possession' and 'no discrimination'. Taoists practice the following three exercises to follow the flow of the universe and regain primeval human Mind and Body.

  • The exercise of DO-INJUTSU to cure illness by dropping physical and mental attachment to the ego and adjusting the flow of KI and,
  • The exercise of DOKOJUTSU to give protection from danger by making the body strong and promoting good health and,.
  • The exercise of SENSHINJUTSU to allow fate to unfold by letting go of attachment to the ego and by regaining original human mind and body.

These Taoist's exercises will allow you to draw out the wonderful vitality which is innate but hidden in every human and to realize the pleasure of life. Nihon Dokan was founded to teach traditional Taoist exercise to the modern world. The gate of Nihon dokan is wide open to all people wishing to end their attachment to the ego, to have an enjoyable, healthy life that is worth living.

At the moment, all Nihon Dokan's regular classes are taught in Japanese. Special English language sessions can be arranged for an individual and for groups. Do-in classes in English

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