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3. Doko-jutsu

Doko-jutsu is one of the martial arts that is focused on health maintenance. It will make you lithe and pliable, and give you power to live through tough times.
Doko-jutsu is not intended for fighting or beating others-it is a form of training to strengthen yourself.

To be strong and eliminate・・・
     A weak mind that lets you give up instead of finishing.
     Poor spirit that is frightened you to speak your mind.
     Fear of criticism that prevents you from showing your true ability.
     Feelings that subjugate you
     Poor physique that frequently gives you trouble.

Doko-jutsu will train you to overcome these weaknesses. Improve your behavior, stance, posture and stride to be healthy, natural and elegant.
Being polished with Doko-jutsu can be a protection from violence.
Being healthy, in Mui-Shizen states, will help you make the most of yourself.
Doko-jutsu is the way to acquire natural movements that follow Tao.

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Nihon Dokan International

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TEL: 03(3370)7601
FAX: 03(3370)7834
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