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What is Ki ?

Ki exists in everything, everywhere around us.
Ancient Chinese ki (qi, chi) philosophy thought ki configures everything in this world. Not only the livings like human and animals, water, trees, pebbles and desks are made of ki.
Ki is often interpreted to spirit or mind power. But it is not merely those. It is a power to materialize all existing as is. It is the root of everything. It exists everywhere, but we cannot show you, "here, this is ki ! "

We know ki exists, but we cannot see it or touch it. Still ki is the cause of everything happens around us.
Do you want to be successful in your job? Do you want to communicate with people at ease? Do you want to stop worrying and become a positive person? Do you want to enjoy your life with your family?
If you want happy, bright positive life, the key is to have ki on your side.
Do not waste your ki you naturally have. Value your own ki. Let it flow inside of you smoothly and avoid stagnations. This is the key of your happy healthy life.

Nihon Dokan offers three type of ki trainings based on Taoism.
They are designed to help you win ki on your side and enjoy your life.

Learn more about
three ki trainings
  1. 1. Senshin-jutsu
  2. 2. Doin-jutsu
  3. 3. Doko-jutsu

Nihon Dokan International

Cosmo-Sangubashi Building, 2F 4-1-5 Yoyogi,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan
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Nihon Dokan International

Cosmo-Sangubashi Building,
2F 4-1-5 Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

TEL: 03(3370)7601
FAX: 03(3370)7834
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