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Divine Master Tenrai Hayashima was also a great master of calligraphy. When he visited China at the invitation of the Taoist Association of China, Chinese calligraphers were apparently astonished by his calligraphy. They remarked on how, gthe style is so free, so full of power. We have never seen calligraphy so full of ki/qi/.h

His calligraphy (dating from that visit), at the seat of the Quanzhen school of Taoism at Mount Kunrun, Shantong Province, gPeople do not die from disease,h welcomes Taoists pilgrims from around the world as that of the Japanese Taoist.?

The Divine Master, the calligrapher
The Divine Master, the calligrapher

His calligraphy inscribed on a monument at
Shengjing Mountain, a peak lying southwest of
Mount Kunlun

The monument was erected in October 1991 after the divine master had participated that year in the Wendeng International Conference held by the Quanzhen School of Taoism.
Divine Master also wrote the calligraphy for Doko-jutsu himself too. His year-end ema prayer plaques were the very incarnation of ki.@To this very day his calligraphy, used in books and brochures etc, earns the admiration of American graphic designers etc. as fbursting with energy or ki.f
The red ki character in Nihon Dokanfs vehicles is also the divine masterfs own hand. It instantly attracts attention, causing many passers-by to ask, eWhat is this teaching?f
The divine masterfs calligraphy communicates a mysterious energy even to those who do not know its meaning and to passers-by.

Taoist  Calligraphy as written by Divine Master Tenrai Hayashima<
Taoist Calligraphy as written by Divine Master Tenrai Hayashima<

Divine Master Tenrai Hayashima once praised all our members in his calligraphy class, Calligraphy with Ki energy.
gGood. Youfre posture when holding the brush is excellent. Your back is naturally straight. You could go to any calligraphy class but you would not see students with posture as universally good as yours.h
He explained that this was because gyou work hard on your Doin-jutsu so your bodies are healthy and natural.h The calligraphy was of various levels. But everybody was thrilled because the divine master had praised their posture.

He taught that posture is important in everything you do. Often the divine master would say that when you train in Doin-jutsuand Doko-jutsu you become more accomplished in all kinds of activities. We often hear stories of how golf, skiing, ikebana flower arrangement and sado tea ceremony skills improved after training in Doin-jutsu and Doko-jutsu.

Divine Master Tenrai Hayashimafs Ki Calligraphy
Divine Master Tenrai Hayashimafs Ki Calligraphy

When our divine master came across someone whose calligraphy was large and threatening to spread out of its boundaries, he would remark, gYou obviously wear the pants in your household, whatfs with the attitude?h?? On the other hand, with someone whose calligraphy was small and stiff, he would comment, gWhy so small and reserved? Relax and enjoy life more.h In other words, his instructions were also about how to live. If your body is warped then your calligraphy will be warped too. Thatfs why it is important to live in a mui-shizen natural, selfless and mentally unfettered way in your daily life, he would say. I can still see him, smiling kindly as he said that. Divine Master Tenrai Hayashima taught us, through his calligraphy, how to live the Taoist way, and the calligraphic works he has left still instruct us on how to live.

Deputy Grand Master of Nihon Dokan Myocho Hayashima

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