The Nihon Dokan Tokyo location offers a range of courses in English, including a free orientation session and trial courses (minimal fee applies). For course schedules, or to learn more about the Do-in method, please contact Nihon Dokan International via the link below, or by telephone or fax.

TEL: +81-3-3370-7601 (in English) / 03-3370-7701 (in Japanese)
Fax: +81-3-3370-7834

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A. Beginners Course

  The Beginners Course is specially designed to be fun and effective for everybody, regardless of age or level of physical fitness.
This course teaches principles and techniques so you can;
- cleanse your body gently and naturally from the inside
- promote lifelong health
- enjoy a full life without being overcome by stress

In four sessions you can learn about ......
- First-hand information to do Do-in excercises effectively
- Selected Do-in exercises, easy to learn, and feel the difference
- Customized advice to encourage your daily practices at home
- Sakeburo (sake bath)


Various other membership privileges and specials you will get:
- Textbook: The Taoist Road to Health-The Doin Method
- A bottle of Hiba sake to try at home
- One year subscription to TAO magazine


After four sessions you will be able to continue practicing Do-in on your own wherever you are.
"Once you learn it, it's yours for life."


B. Trial Course


The trial course is designed to provide basic information and first hand experience of the Do-in method. The course includes;
- Two trial class sessions
- One year subscription to Tao magazine
- Various other membership privileges and specials
Trial course participants can shift into Beginners course if interested.


C. Advanced Course


- Please feel free to ask our staff for more information on other courses

* Admission to the school requires an application process that includes a health review


-> Free Orientation @or -> Trial Course

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